Contract Wars Hack Tool For Unlimited GP, SP And Credits

Contract Wars Hack Tool

    Contract Wars Hack Tool develop by our team is one of the fewest cheat tool on the internet that really generate unlimited resources like GP, SP and Credits.
With a familiar design Contract Wars Cheats is very easy to use and also very safe thanks to our developers who managed to add the “Use Proxy” and “Safe Mode” options.
You can use the Hack Tool even if you play on Facebook or on your PC with no problems because this is not an account stealer, it is just a simple program that makes your playing easier!

Contract Wars Hack Tool Features:

Unlimited SP
Unlimited GP
Unlimited Credits
Aimbot feature
Double DMG feature
Proxy and Safe Mode options to protect your account!

How To Use Contract Wars Hack Tool:

Download the hack by pressing Download button bellow
Install the hack and select PC or Facebook
Enter your Email and your Username
Select Use Proxy and Safe Mode
Press Connect and wait couple of seconds
After the conection is done select the amount you need for each resource
Select Aimbot or Double DMG if needed
Press Add Hacks and wait for the process to finish

Download Contract War Hack Tool For Free:

Download Button

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